Denver Safety


Welcome to Matsuhisa Denver!

We strongly encourage reservations.

As we resume in-house dining we want you to know that the safety of you and our staff is paramount and that we are following State, County, and local guidelines for health and safety. We appreciate your business and are very excited to be serving you.


Before you dine, we ask that you please come prepared to adhere to the following guidelines. These are in place to ensure the safest possible dining environment for our guests and employees alike.

  • If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or other symptoms, please stay home, we’ll be happy to reschedule your reservation.
  • Please wait for your entire party to arrive before entering the restaurant.
  • You must wear a mask to enter the premises
  • You may only remove your mask at your table
  • Please keep a 6-foot physical distance whenever possible
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation in order to ensure that we minimize waiting parties.


Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure your and our safety:

  • Before entering the restaurant, all employees have their temperature taken and are screened for illness.
  • All products (including wine, sake, food) received is thoroughly cleaned as soon as it’s accepted into our building. All delivery drivers and vendors must wear masks.
  • We are using QR codes for you to view our menu online, and are also offering sanitized laminated menus.
  • We have altered seating to social distance guidelines or greater.
  • Sanitation stations are conveniently located throughout the restaurant.
  • We have trained all staff members so they are up-to-date with current sanitation and safety standards, including wearing masks at all times and gloves when necessary.
  • Each shift, we have designated a Safety Manager, whose responsibility is to uphold guest and employee safety standards, following state, county, city and company guidelines.
  • We have a designated employee who continually sanitizes the entry, dining room, bathrooms and all contact surfaces throughout the restaurant
  • Pens are sanitized after every use
  • Condiments will no longer be set on the tables
  • We will keep our doors and windows open as long as it is comfortable to maximize fresh air ventilation.
  • Bar and Sushi Bar seating has been suspended
  • For further information contact us at


Matsuhisa Denver Valet Procedures:

  • All Valet employees have been advised to stay home and remain there is they are exhibiting any of the symptoms common with the virus.
  • All Valet employees will be screened each day for their wellness condition. If any employee is not feeling well or is exhibiting any virus symptoms, they will be sent home immediately and quarantined for 14 days. If any other team member has come into contact with a team member that is exhibiting any virus symptoms, they will also be sent home and quarantined for 14 days. If any team members are put into quarantine we will let management know.
  • All valets have been advised to maintain public distancing of 6 feet when interacting with customers.
  • All Valet employees will be trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed by the valet podium.
  • All Valet employees will be required to wear face coverings and disposable gloves. Face covering will be worn at all times when interacting with clients and while in vehicles to and from the parking lot. Nitrile gloves will be worn at all times while handling clients cars, keys and personal items if asked.
  • Vehicles door handles, ignition switch, steering wheel, keys, driver’s seat, and shift knob will be wiped with disinfectant as the valet employees enters and exits the vehicle. This procedure will take place each time the valet comes in contact with the client’s vehicle.
  • All workstations and equipment will be cleaned at the start and end of each shift, as well as every hour of each shift.

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