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7 of the Best Sushi Restaurants in Denver

Denver has become notorious as a melting pot of foods from all over the world. It has also attracted some of the most skilled sushi artists in the US. Here are seven of the best sushi restaurants in Denver today:

1. Matsuhisa – Matsuhisa Denver is an extension of chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s 30 incredible sushi restaurants. His signature Miso Black Cod has drawn celebrity praise, and the Omakase menu features a variety of exciting options. In addition, you can always get great suggestions from the chef himself for a truly unique, fresh, and delicious experience. You must try their spicy tuna with crispy rice if you want a lesson in flavor and texture.

2. Bamboo Sushi – Centrally located in Denver’s downtown, Bamboo earns high rankings for fresh and colorful sushi dishes. It is also a favorite for its focus on sustainable fishing and farming solutions.

3. Sushi Sasa – When it comes to luxury restaurants in Denver, Sushi Sasa has earned a reputation as a great date night location. It is intimate and upscale with a strict focus on the tradition of sushi.

4. Osaka Sushi – If you’ve been searching for a great all-you-can-eat option, Osaka Sushi is the place to be. Each day features a spread of countless sushi rolls made to perfection. It’s a great deal if you’re a big-time sushi eater.

5. Sushi Den – Sushi Den offers a very exotic sushi experience to residents and visitors in the Denver Metro area. They are known for sourcing their fish directly from Japan and getting fresh shipments daily. Of course, that also comes with a high price tag.

6. Sushi Hai – Half hipster sushi bar, half martini bar, this is a must see sushi restaurant in Denver. It’s a little more relaxed than some of the other sushi joints in town, but the food never fails to impress. A great location if you’re going out with a crowd.

7. Sushi Ronin – Sushi Ronin was built by chef Corey Baker after he spent years learning from the masters at some of the best sushi places in Denver. He launched Sushi Ronin himself and continues to create beautiful dishes day after day.

Denver’s best sushi is exemplified by these seven locations. Matsuhisa Denver is the top of this list, and they definitely deserve their place. You can make your reservations at Matsuhisa online or over the phone any day of the week. We promise you won’t be disappointed when you step into Chef Nobu’s creative space


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