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A Beginner’s Guide to Sake

Sake has become a popular beverage choice among Americans who wish to experience more of Japan’s culture. Sake is often served by traditional Japanese restaurants alongside your favorite dishes.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It comes in a variety of flavors depending on the type of rice used, and many restaurants offer sake options ranging from inexpensive brands to top-shelf varieties.

Making Sake

Sake is made through a process of double fermenting rice. While many people think of sake as a “wine” due to its packaging and alcohol content, the process by which it is made is actually quite similar to that used in craft beer.

Some distilleries add other types of alcohol or flavoring to their sake, and others leave tiny bits of rice sediment suspended in the liquid, which gives it a sweeter taste.

Choosing a Sake

The type of sake you choose to accompany your meal will depend on your personal preferences and your budget. If you are new to sake, choosing an unfiltered option will give you more flavor.

If you are looking for something high end, a pure rice sake or “Junmai” sake indicates there are no additives. If you are traveling, you may want to ask for “Jizake,” local artisan sake, to see a selection of from different regions.

Even among sake connoisseurs, it is difficult to decide on a single best sake.

Drinking Sake

Sake can be served either chilled or warmed gently in a hot water bath. Depending on the quality and flavoring of your chosen beverage, the temperature can bring out different qualities, and you will want to experiment to find what you like.

While there are sake glasses created specifically for the beverage, some choose to drink out of other receptacles similar in size to shot glasses.


If you are looking for where to buy sake in Denver, CO, you will be happy to know that Matsuhisa offers a wide variety of sakes. You can taste Japan’s most iconic drink and get quality recommendations from the staff about how to enjoy your sake with our delicious food.


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