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Is Sushi Really Good for You?

We’ve all heard that fish is good for your health in general. Sure, it’s obvious that fish is a much more lean meat, helping to cut out fat, but there are other lean options when it comes to meat. What about the potential problems of eating raw fish? Is sushi really good for you? The short answer: yes!

Eating fish: Raw vs Cooked

Many people who have never tried sushi are not willing to for the simple fact that they are unwilling to eat raw meat of any kind. Perhaps you were raised with the idea that undercooked meat could make you sick, or perhaps the idea of raw fish makes you think of slimy, squirmy things. No matter why you have never tried it, not giving it a chance is giving sushi the raw end of the deal, so to speak!

If you are considering giving it a try, the first thing you should know is that sushi doesn’t mean raw fish by default. There are many versions of sushi, and while many of them are raw fish, some are not. Matsuhisa offers a wide variety of options, so whether you’re trying sushi for the first time, or already know you like it, we have something you’ll be sure to love.

The Skinny on Cholesterol

One of the first benefits that fish has over other meat, is its cholesterol count. Everyone knows that high cholesterol is bad. Fish not only has lower cholesterol and saturated fat than red meat, it can also boost your “good” cholesterol. Fish is definitely a heart healthy food choice.

Fish is also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This isn’t just a buzz word. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to lower triglycerides, slow down the growth of plaque in the arteries, and may even help reduce inflammation in joints as well as throughout the body.

Additional Health Benefits

Along with helping to lower bad cholesterol, boosting good cholesterol, and giving you the omega-3 fatty acids you need, eating fish can give you a variety of other benefits: improving the health of your hair and skin, boosting brain development, treating depression, and warding off Alzheimer’s. Fish has even been linked to an increase in grey matter. In other words, fish is the ultimate “brain food!”

The answer to the question “is sushi really good for you?” is a resounding “Yes”!


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