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8 Things New Cherry Creek Residents Should Experience

Cherry Creek is one of Denver’s most cultured neighborhoods. It is less than five minutes away from downtown but feels like an entirely different world. Cherry Creek boasts incredibly diverse shopping opportunities, wonderful outdoor entertainment, and numerous art galleries. New residents can easily spend hours wandering through the neighborhood, exploring the wonderful attractions available to them.

Residents who are new to Cherry Creek may not know about the wealth of experiences to explore in the area. Learning more about your neighborhood is a great way to meet new people and feel connected with your new community. It is also a great way to avoid busy downtown Denver while still being able to make necessary purchases and experience culture. Take a look at eight of the best things new Cherry Creek residents should experience.

1. Visit the Cherry Creek Shopping Center

The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is the area’s top attraction, drawing in people from all across the state. Containing favorite stores like Tiffany & Co., H&M, Nordstrom, and Coach, this is the must-visit place for fashionistas and trendsetters. Each store is within a giant indoor mall, containing over 160 upscale retailers and department stores. Many of those stores cannot be found anywhere else in Denver.

2. Visit Art Galleries

Another one of the best things to do in Cherry Creek, Denver is to explore the area’s beautiful art galleries. There are tons to choose from, many of which are located in Cherry Creek North, making it easy to wander from one to the next. With this wide variety of galleries, it is easy to find one with something that suits your taste. Even if your home is filled with art and you do not need another piece, it is still worth exploring these galleries to take in Cherry Creek’s unique and diverse culture.

3. Rocky Mountain Play Park

If you are looking for one of the top attractions in Cherry Creek, Denver for children, look no further than the Rocky Mountain Play Park. This indoor play area is filled with activities and play structures designed with your children in mind. The park features Looney Tune characters like Bugs Bunny engaging in fun Rocky Mountain activities, such as fishing, camping, and rafting.

4. Enjoy a Cocktail

There are many bars and pubs spread throughout Cherry Creek. Those new to the area should take the time to explore each one while searching for your next go-to spot for after-work drinks. It is easy to find one that suits your style, with such a wide variety available. You can enjoy a pint on an outdoor patio, or sip on a delicious cocktail in an intimate wine bar.

5. Take in One of the Area’s Many Festivals

Cherry Creek is home to numerous world-renowned festivals, including the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. This festival celebrates the arts in all forms, including culinary, visual, and performing arts. There are interactive activities for the whole family. You can also enjoy the Cherry Creek North Food & Wine Festival, which takes place each August.

6. Walk or Bike the Cherry Creek Trail

New residents should ensure they take the time to walk or bike the Cherry Creek Trail. It is a path just over 11 miles running through Cherry Creek, taking you past the area’s best attractions. The trail is smooth, making it perfect for families, bikers, and those who enjoy a leisurely stroll alike.

7. Explore Cherry Creek North

Cherry Creek North, an outdoor retail area containing over 400 stores, is another great area for shopping. Most of these businesses are locally and independently owned, making the area America’s largest cluster of independently owned stores. The entire area is spread out over 16 blocks and has several other mixed-use areas in it, such as beautiful parks and cafes. If you are new to Cherry Creek, exploring this area of town could take an entire day. This makes it the perfect family activity for a beautiful Saturday.

8. Matsuhisa

At Matsuhisa, Denver tourists and residents alike can enjoy an incredible sushi meal, a must-try for anyone in the area. The menu and aesthetic of the restaurant was influenced by the owner’s classical training in Tokyo as a chef, as well as his travels throughout Peru and Argentina. Widely considered one of the best restaurants in Denver, it is an essential stop on any tour of Cherry Creek.

If you are looking for something exciting to do in Cherry Creek, you should make a reservation at Matsuhisa to experience one of the best sushi restaurants in Denver. They have many delicious dishes you can’t miss, including the omakase menu, miso black cod, spicy tuna with crispy rice, and any one of the sushi or sashimi rolls suggested by the chef. No Cherry Creek experience is complete without a stop at Matsuhisa.


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