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The Expert Guide to Pairing Sake with Sushi

While sake is not traditionally paired with sushi in Japan, many people across the U.S. and abroad find that they enjoy the sensation of pairing the two. If you’re unsure of what to drink with sushi, this sake pairing guide will help you make the right choices for a delicious meal. Read up before you visit Matsuhisa so you can order with confidence.

For Complex Sushi Rolls

If you’re the kind of person who walks into a sushi restaurant and goes for the most complex, layered sushi roll on the menu, you should try pairing it with a mild sake. The idea is to choose a sake that won’t overpower each bite and add too many additional flavors to the mix. A mild sake with light, airy flavors is a good choice such as the Onigoroshi.

For Very Strong Flavored Fish

Some of the most popular sushi items on the menu are notable because they have a very strong fish taste that lingers after the initial bite. When you encounter these flavors, it is best to pair with a sake that is strong enough to support the flavor. For instance, a Dai-Ginjo warm or cold is a solid choice that can stand up to the bold flavors of the fish itself.

For Spicy Dishes

Everybody loves some spice, but you want to avoid disrupting your spicy sushi dish with a poorly paired sake. Instead, focus on something dry and clean without much of the floral notes that you find in other sakes. A Junmai or a Nobu TK40 is an excellent choice because it is clean and dry and won’t throw off the spice that you’re enjoying.

For Sweet Rolls

Salmon and some other fish are known for having a slightly sweet flavor that expresses itself naturally. Sweet sushi pieces go best with sake that opens up your palate with fruit and floral aromas. Consider the Nobu Junmai Dai-Ginjo if you want something with plenty of body where the floral notes stand out.

The Nobu Collection

At Matsuhisa Denver, we are proud to present our very own line of Nobu sake. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has personally chosen each of these sake flavors to pair perfectly with his menu. Our chefs are specially trained to help you find the perfect pairing for any dish you desire. We invite you to ask us for pairing suggestions if you are ever unsure of what sake to enjoy with your sushi. Contact us today to make reservations and enjoy some of the best sushi and sake Denver has to offer.



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