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Holiday Entertaining at Matsuhisa Denver

At Matsuhisa Denver, we offer the perfect location for a private office holiday party in Denver. Our restaurant has two private dining options, a fantastic menu that is sure to please everyone, and an ambiance that will make your group feel like they’re part of something very special.


The Venue

Unlike other private party venues in Denver, we can easily host groups of different sizes. There are two private dining areas: The Nobu Room and Matsuhisa Room. The Nobu Room is ideal for small companies and organizations. It features one large table that seats 14 people. The Matsuhisa Room, on the other hand, seats a total of 60. For those who need more space, the rooms can be combined. The tables may also be removed for reception-style parties.


The Holiday Menu

Matsuhisa is home to the best private dining downtown Denver has to offer, and it starts with our dedicated events staff. They curate food, wine and sake pairings for each event specifically for the occasion so no two events will be the same – your event will truly be yours.

Of course, our menu includes the best sushi in Cherry Creek, as well as other favorites like sake, wine, donburi, bento boxes, Miyazaki Wagyu beef, sashimi, tempura and omakase.


The Ambiance

The professional and elegant atmosphere at Matsuhisa makes it one of the best corporate holiday party venues in Denver. Unlike other venues, at Matsuhisa the decor, lighting and staff reflect the elegance that is expected in the corporate world. On top of that, the food itself is presented in such an exquisite way that it’s almost too beautiful to eat.


Celebrate Your Next Company Christmas Party at Matsuhisa

While other private party venues in Denver may offer delicious food or plentiful space, they don’t offer the perfect combination of both as Matsuhisa does. Matsuhisa is the one sushi restaurant in downtown Denver where you can enjoy elegance, sophistication and fine dining all in one beautiful and private dining area. Please contact us for more information about hosting a holiday party with us.


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