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How to Stick to Your Diet While Eating Your Favorite Foods

Going on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all your favorite foods. In reality, the most significant calorie culprits tend to be the dressings, sauces, and extras that we add, rather than the main dishes themselves. With a little careful planning, you can still visit your favorite restaurants and stay on the safe side. Here’s how to stick to your diet while visiting the best restaurants in Denver this year.


Healthiest Italian Dishes

We often vilify Italian dishes for their carb counts because of the pasta, but there are several great options that won’t ruin your diet plans. For instance, pasta primavera and pasta with traditional red sauce are good options because they tend to be free of the cream and butter that are present in white sauces. Plus, you can add protein to these dishes very easily. Italian restaurants also tend to have some incredible veggie-rich soups.


Healthiest Seafood

Whether you’re going to a sushi restaurant or another seafood place, there are some things to watch out for. Wild-caught salmon is one of the healthiest options available at sushi restaurants in Denver, followed by mackerel. Shrimp also tends to be on the healthier side of things. Stay away from tuna, mahi-mahi, and halibut, which tend to be cheaper but also less healthful.


Healthiest Mexican Foods

Mexican foods tend to be high in proteins and legumes and lower in carbs, which can be good for you. The biggest downfall is usually the sour cream, cheese, and other toppings. Go light on the toppings and try to limit the overall size of your dishes to manageable portions to keep from going overboard.


Other Healthy Options

While we’re here, we might as well cover some other popular foods like fried foods and desserts. The truth is that you can still include these items in your diet as long as you don’t overdo them. For instance, only eat chocolate every few days instead of eating a king-size candy bar every night. You can also find many healthy “fried” foods these days that are made using oil-free fryers or a tiny fraction of the oil that a normal fryer would use. This helps keep the food clean while still creating that delicious crispy fried flavor.

This year make Matsuhisa Denver part of your healthy eating habits by checking out our full menu of healthy sushi options online. We have dishes to fit any diet and help you reach your goals.


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