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 5 News Years Resolutions for Foodies in Denver

Foodies are always on the hunt for the next great thing to excite their palates. As we head into 2018, it’s time to celebrate foodie culture with New Year’s resolutions meant to tempt your taste buds and challenge your appetite. Here are five fun resolutions for you to try on your own or to share with all of your foodie friends!


Go Outside Your Comfort Zone Every Week

Some of the best restaurants in Denver are those dedicated to authentic international cuisine. Don’t be afraid to try food from another country or culture every week and expand your horizons. You can try everything from incredible sushi to exquisite desserts and savory breakfast dishes. You can ask for restaurant recommendations online and read plenty of reviews to create a list for the whole year.


Challenge Yourself to a New Diet

Have you considered going vegan or pescatarian for just a week? What about trying the Paleo diet for a month? It doesn’t have to be about losing weight necessarily. It can just be about immersing yourself in a different way of thinking about food and living it out morning, noon and night.


Participate in Community Events

Many restaurants these days are offering food and wine pairing classes, cooking classes, and other community events designed to help you meet other foodies in your area and learn about your favorite dishes. You may even have a chance to meet with the chefs behind your favorite meals.


Don’t Just Copy Recipes, Expand Upon Them

Yes, it takes some courage to take an already tasty recipe and experiment with it on your own. But how else are you going to learn about the basic chemistry that goes into balancing flavors and spices?


Shop Local

It’s incredible how big of a difference there is in the quality of your ingredients when you buy them from local growers. You may rediscover foods you thought you didn’t like in the process. This can also be a great way to learn about choosing seasonal products and adapting your diet accordingly.

With these five New Year’s Resolutions, you can be well on your way to an incredible 2018. Don’t forget to add Matsuhisa Denver to your list of sushi restaurants in Denver to visit this year. You can check out our full menu online, as well as a list of our popular beverages like sake to pair with your food choices. Contact us today to make your reservations for dinner.


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