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7 Amazing Foods that Colorado is Known For

Colorado is perfectly located in the center of the nation, drawing people from all cultures and ethnicities. As a result, Denver restaurants feature foods from all over the world, and Denver has even developed its own menu of typical Colorado foods. Here are a few of our favorites:



The streams and rivers of Colorado are filled with trout, so even this landlocked state can enjoy a rich bounty of fresh seafood. Rainbow trout and brown trout adorn many menus throughout the state, and Coloradans are always happy to serve trout grilled up over an open flame.



While oysters may be hard to find in Colorado, you can find some of the best seafood in Denver at international restaurants. Oysters are commonly found at upscale Mexican and sushi restaurants as either appetizers or featured ingredients.


Bison Burgers

Colorado is home to many big-game animals. You can find bison and elk among the exotic meats on the menu at several tourist spots throughout the state. Aside from burgers, you can usually find sausages, steaks and even jerky made from locally sourced ingredients, giving them extra flavor.


Green Chili

Colorado’s green chili is less of a meal and more of a condiment. It is used as a dipping sauce or smothered over burritos. It is spicy but also filled with a bounty of flavors.



Cod is another favorite among those who love seafood in Colorado. It is typically served and marinated in a variety of sauces alongside bright, colorful vegetables.


Lobster Topped Anything

Lobster is an incredibly popular food in Colorado, and it is often used in ways that you wouldn’t consider at first. Not only is it featured in many sushi dishes, it is also used in soups, macaroni and cheese and even diced up in sandwiches.



This lightweight dessert has a long history in Colorado as part of a tradition at one of the state’s most notable tourist stops and restaurants. Of course, you can find sopapillas at many restaurants across town.

Matsuhisa is proud to offer a wide selection of popular Colorado foods in an upscale, classy environment. We use the best ingredients to deliver delicious, well-rounded dishes that exemplify the best of Colorado’s multi-cultural food experience.

You can see our full menu online or contact us today to make your reservations. If you’re looking for the best seafood in Denver, Matsuhisa has it!


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