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Best Japanese Dishes for Winter

Now that winter has arrived, there’s a certain chill in the air that calls for the comforting sort of meals that will warm both your body and soul. Whether you live somewhere warm and sunny or are nearly buried beneath winter snow, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal that’s perfectly suited for this time of year.

Japanese cuisine, in particular, has an excellent mix of dishes that are even more wonderful when the temperatures begin to fall, packing a delightful balance of flavor, warmth, and even spice. With so many tempting options to consider, it’s no wonder that Japanese cuisine is widely popular at any time of year. Here are a few of our favorite Japanese dishes for winter, guaranteed to keep you pleasantly warm and sated on even the coldest of days.

Udon with Tempura

Udon with tempura, often referred to as tempura udon, is a Japanese staple that hits all the notes when it comes to distinct flavors and textures. One of the key elements of the dish is thick udon noodles, which are made from wheat and are deliciously hearty. They are combined with a savory hot broth, as well as tempura-fried vegetable (or shrimp), resulting in a filling soup that will satisfy even the biggest winter appetites.

Shabu Shabu

One of the many diverse “nabemono hotpot” dishes in Japanese cuisine, shabu shabu consists of meat and vegetables that have been thinly sliced and often cooked directly at the table in boiling water. Served with a mix of dipping sauces, the dish often features beef, but can also include crab, chicken, tofu, lamb, duck, or lobster. Some restaurants allow diners to participate in the experience by providing them the materials to prepare the food at the table themselves, adding an element of fun to the already delicious meal.


The phrase “toban-yaki” is used to describe foods that have been roasted on a ceramic plate, which lends itself to both perfectly even cooking and dynamic presentation. The ingredients in a toban-yaki dish can vary widely, but generally combine a protein and a mix of vegetables. At Matsuhisa, our selection of toban-yaki dishes includes mixed mushrooms, mixed seafood, and Washugyu beef for a piping hot, incredibly flavorful meal.


Like shabu shabu, oden is a Japanese hotpot dish made up of a wonderful combination of classic ingredients. Traditionally, oden is made with a light broth and generous amounts of boiled eggs, daikon, fishcakes, and konjac (a root vegetable from the konjac tree).

Hot Sake

Hot sake, or “kanzake,” takes the traditionally-cold beverage and warms it to varying degrees for the perfect wintertime beverage. Depending on the sake, certain temperatures (ranging from warm to extremely hot) may be recommended for the optimal flavor experience.

Warm Up this Winter with Gourmet Japanese Food at Matsuhisa

No matter what time of year it is, the selection of new-style Japanese dishes served at Matsuhisa is a delicious addition to any day. Crafted by talented Chef Nobu, the Matsuhisa menu draws inspiration from traditional Tokyo cuisine, as well as culinary influences from all over the world. The final product is a carefully curated selection of dishes that will delight your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons.

Matsuhisa is serving an exceptional mix of Japanese dishes that are perfect for the winter months, and we invite you to join us for a memorable meal that we are confident you will enjoy. With restaurants in Denver, Vail, Aspen, and other locations, finding a Matsuhisa near you is simple. Reserve your table at one of our restaurants today.


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