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Why Sushi is the Perfect Meal for Valentine’s Day

A romantic dinner date is an essential component in any Valentine’s Day celebration, whether it’s your first time celebrating as a couple or you’ve spent dozens of February fourteenths together. And while a thoughtful dinner doesn’t necessarily require a night out – plenty of couples enjoy a quiet evening with their favorite takeout – it certainly seems like there’s a certain meal that’s become Americans’ favorite Valentine’s Day meal: sushi.

You might think that a swanky steakhouse is the Valentine’s Day date go-to, but a growing number of lovebirds are opting for upscale sushi and sake bars instead. At our Matsuhisa restaurants, we’re honored to be part of so many couples’ special Valentine’s celebrations – and proud to treat them to a romantic dinner of sushi. Here are just a few of the reasons that sushi should be your first choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day meal.


A Contemporary Favorite for an Extra-Special Date

Sushi has just the right balance of fresh and familiarity, making it an ideal dinner for any special occasion. For many of our guests, sushi has that little something “extra” that designates it as a meal for celebratory dinners. Instead of ordering your usual at your local neighborhood eatery, why not make the night extraordinary with a sushi roll inspired by flavors from a far-off locale?


A Light but Deliciously Satisfying Meal

For many couples wondering where to eat for Valentine’s Day, their dinner is just one part of their celebration. You may be planning to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster after your meal, or you might even have something a bit more extravagant in mind. Instead of being weighed down by a heavy, overindulgent dinner, you’ll feel light and energized after a roll or two of fresh sushi.

Most sushi rolls feature a combination of raw fish, seaweed, rice, and a variety of other ingredients, adding up to a wonderfully balanced meal that’s filling but not overly rich. There’s no question that your meal will live up to your flavor expectations, but you won’t have to worry about feeling slow and sluggish for the rest of your holiday plans.


A Romantic Dining Experience

Polls conducted by some of the biggest food-centric sources online show that many people consider sushi to be one of the most romantic meals, making it the perfect option for Valentine’s Day. When you consider the uniquely tactile experience of eating sushi, with a symphony of flavors and textures contained within a single bite, it makes sense that it’s a meal rich in romanticism.

You can easily enjoy deep conversation while dining on sushi, especially because the meal requires next to no effort to eat. Additionally, sushi is an ideal meal to share with your date, setting the stage for an intimate dinner that rivals even the best romantic film.


Make Your Valentine’s Day Reservations at Matsuhisa

Are you hoping to wow your valentine with an incredible meal of expertly-prepared sushi? Treat your date to an evening at Matsuhisa, the world-famous sushi and New Japanese restaurant crafted by the renowned Chef Nobu.

Elegant, stylish, and welcoming, our Aspen, Vail, and Denver restaurants provide the perfect setting for an intimate dinner with a special someone, complete with unmatched service from our attentive staff. You’ll enjoy an extensive selection of our signature dishes, including incredible sushi and sashimi from our highly-trained sushi chefs. At Matsuhisa, your Valentine’s Day sushi dinner will be a romantic occasion you and your date will never forget.

Make sure you have a table saved for you this Valentine’s Day by making reservations at Matsuhisa today.


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