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Omakase: A Japanese Food Experience Including the Best Sushi in Denver

For diners looking to experience something completely original, Omakase is a way to infuse your meal with a delicious element of surprise. As a memorable dining experience steeped in Japanese tradition, it offers a unique way to approach your meal.


What is Omakase?

The Japanese word “Omakase” roughly translates to “I will leave it to you.” It embodies the idea of respectfully appointing the expert chef as your meal guide. Rather than ordering off the menu, you instead allow the chef to decide the courses that will be served. For many chefs, the Omakase they choose to create may vary by the day – or even by the guest – following their creative inspiration and the fresh ingredients at their disposal.

Behind Omakase is the foundational idea that the chef is the leading expert in his or her restaurant, adept at combining flavors, and crafting courses that create an ideal dining experience. It is less about “giving up” the control over your dining experience and more about an expression of trust in the chef’s judgment and talent. By putting your complete trust in the hands of the chef, you open yourself up to a dining experience that can only be created with true expertise and creative vision.

The idea of Omakase is extremely common in Japan, with many Japanese sushi restaurants possessing no printed menu to provide to customers. The belief that the “chef knows best” is popular among Japanese diners and has also blossomed in many Japanese restaurants in the United States. It offers a delicious way to be adventurous and daring with your meal, while still having the confidence that the talent of the chef will provide you with something memorable and delicious.


Why Choose Omakase at Matsuhisa

As a world-renowned leader of Japanese cuisine, chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa – or Nobu for short – approaches his craft with reverence and passion that translates directly to the menu. Omakase at Matsuhisa is always changing and shifting to match the creative inspiration of chef Nobu.

During lunchtime hours, you can experience seven courses in “Nobu Matsuhisa” style for $95, while the dinner menu offers two wholly different 8-course Omakase experiences; the Signature and the Chef’s Daily – otherwise known as the Grand Omakase. The Signature refers to Chef Nobu’s signature dishes, such as Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno and Black Cod Miso. This is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the flavors and preparations that made Chef Nobu Matsuhisa so famous. For an even more elevated dining experience, you can choose the “Grand Omakase,” which utilizes premium ingredients, such as truffles, Miyazaki Wagyu beef, Toro (tuna belly), or caviar.


Enjoy Omakase at Matsuhisa

As a guest at Matsuhisa, you have the opportunity to experience an Omakase headed by a true expert of Japanese cuisine. Contact the restaurant’s host staff today to make your Omakase reservation.


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