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Celebrate International Sushi Day at Matsuhisa

At Matsuhisa, we know that International Sushi Day is only a recent invention, but we’re pleased that somebody wanted to celebrate the joys of sushi enough to get people involved around the world! And in the spirit of celebrating sushi, no matter where the chef or the diner is from, we’d like to offer up a few ways to commemorate this “holiday” that falls on Sunday, June 18.

The Simple Thing

The easiest way to celebrate the big day is just to head to your favorite sushi restaurant and enjoy some delicious sushi! Of course, if your favorite sushi place is likely to be busy on International Sushi Day, you can make things easier on yourself by putting in a reservation, whether it’s for lunch or dinner.

Sushi Bar Crawl

If there’s more than one sushi restaurant in Denver that you prefer to visit, or if there are a number of places that you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t got around to, then this would be the perfect time to do so. Figure out a path, build a menu and make your way from sushi bar to sushi bar. Naturally, we’d appreciate it if your travels brought you to Matushisa. There are few places better to finish up a sushi bar crawl.

Sushi Bingo

This one might take a little effort, but it’s well worth it. Using a search engine to look for “sushi places near me,” create cards with different restaurants and rolls on it. Exchange the cards with friends. Then, on International Sushi Day, each person goes to the restaurants, perhaps checking in on Facebook or sending a group message to let everyone know which spaces they have filled up. The winner gets a special roll at a restaurant of their choice.


No matter which sushi dishes you decide to enjoy, or how many of them you end up trying, we hope that you’ll spend at least part of the day with us at Matsuhisa. We look forward to serving our delicious sushi to you and your friends and family.


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