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What is the Most Popular Sushi in Japan?

It’s understandable that people here in the United States might be curious about what sort of sushi dishes are popular in Japan. With so many American takes on sushi, knowing what the “original” versions are like is something that can only enhance the enjoyment of a meal. We at Matsuhisa decided to take a look at what’s popular on the other side of the Pacific.

Different Cuts mean Different Flavors

A lot of Americans probably don’t realize that tuna have both “lean” and “fatty” cuts to them, coming from different parts of the fish. And, much like other meats, the fatty cuts can offer a somewhat different flavor. Probably the most popular sushi dish in Japan right now is chutoro, a medium-fatty tuna cut, though salmon is a close second.

The First Bite

Another tuna cut seems to be prevalent in Japan when it comes to figuring out whether a sushi restaurant is good or not. Maguro amaki, or red tuna, is a lean cut of tuna with a light and faintly bitter taste to it.  How exactly it became a bellwether isn’t clear, but apparently it’s one of those dishes that no sushi chef worth his knives should be able to foul up.

A Different Finish

You may not see it on every sushi menu, and even if you see it you might not think it’s something that you’d want to order. Your mind might think sushi means raw everything. But tamagoyaki, better known as tamago, can be a delightful light dish to finish off a meal.

One of the few sushi dishes you’ll find that is fully cooked, this Japanese-style omelette can be prepared in a number of ways, and while it can be served as a breakfast entree, it also works as a sort of “dessert” nigiri, something light and fluffy to finish off heavier components.


We understand that American tastes are different, and what’s popular in Japan now might not be that way forever, but it’s always interesting to learn new things about what you thought was familiar. We hope you’ll come down to Matsuhisa soon and experience our delicious sushi and other offerings.


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