6 Totally Unique Restaurants in Denver

Denver is home to a colorful collection of chefs from all over the world. Here you will find some tremendously unique restaurants in Denver. These different and fun restaurants in Denver will give you another take on what it means to enjoy great food. Here are six of our favorites.

Finn’s Manor

If we were to describe Finn’s Manor, we would say that it is less of a restaurant and more of a dining extravaganza. Instead of sitting down at a traditional table with a regular menu, you are stepping into a world where there are many chefs making meals off of multiple menus in an open-ended space where everyone is mingling. Finn’s Manor is the perfect place to be if you aren’t set on a particular entree, but know you want something exciting.

Rebel Restaurant

Just as it sounds, Rebel Restaurant is for those who are tired of fitting into the mold and want to relax. This fun restaurant comes complete with pinball machines and edgy decor that will bring out the rebel in you.

Big Mac & Little Lu’s

If you’re a fan of coastal seafood, you have to check out this spot. Once you step inside, you’ll feel as though you were transported to a dock overlooking the ocean. This is one of Westminster’s best-kept secrets.


Have you ever visited a food incubator? It’s not what it seems. Rather, Comal a place where would-be chefs can come to train, learn from their peers, and explore flavors from all over the world. You never know what they’ll be cooking up when you walk through the doors.


This top Ramen spot is home to some of the most exciting ramen dishes in Denver. Again, this place is more than meets the eye. Each time you visit you’ll discover some new concoction that has made its way onto the menu. There is always something new to explore at Uncle.

Matsuhisa Denver

When it comes to sushi restaurants in Denver, there is none better than Matsuhisa. This fine dining experience goes above and beyond to bring you the freshest sushi dishes from around the world. The interior styling and dining experience as a whole is modeled after a more traditional sushi place, allowing you to interact with the staff and learn about the dishes being served. If you want to see the very best sushi Denver has to offer, now is the time to make your reservation!

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